13th Green Renovation Project at Hever Castle Golf Club


With Course Manager Rob Peer’s expansive and successful reseeding program complete on the fairways, it is now time to focus efforts on the renovation project for the development of the 13th Hole of the Championship Course.

Below is an artist’s impression of the 13th Hole development, which will aim to deliver the essential stream bank stability, while significantly enhancing the Green and surrounding area. With this considerable investment, we intend for the 13th Hole to remain an iconic golf hole for generations to come. Below are some key features of the project.

Renovation Project

This display image gives an artist impression of the work & is not an exact representation.

Phase 1: 2021 Preparation work

New footings for the bridge further downstream.

The new position for the bridge will mitigate as much as possible the wear patterns that currently exist as golfers cross the bridge towards the green. Having all the putting surfaces to a good quality standard and giving a slightly bigger target will be very beneficial. The bridge will feature next to the weir, which will form another enjoyable, visual feature on this hole.


Phase 2: 2022 Installation

The reinforcement of the stream banking with plastic pile and gabion cages will match the work we have undertaken on the 6th and 12th holes. This will provide stream edges with a long-term solution to bank erosion and enhance the visual appeal as you approach the Green and while standing on the Green, as both sides of the bank will feature gabion rocks.

We look forward to sharing further updates on the progress/timeline for this work and rest assured, we will aim to cause the least disruption to golf as possible.

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