Banqueting Halls – Tudor Tuesdays

December 18 2023 | Castle History

Banqueting halls is the theme for #TudorTuesdays with Historic Houses.

When Hever Castle was built the Great Hall would have risen through the whole height of the existing building, possibly with a crown-post roof and with a central hearth.

In Tudor times the family would have only used the Great Hall for entertaining but the lower ranked household servants would have eaten all their meals and also slept there as the open central hearth would have made it a warm and comfortable room.

The Great Hall today is shorter than it would have been originally as it incorporated what is now the Morning Room. Evidence for this can still be seen in the outer west wall, the two small blocked up windows would have illuminated the area where the dais would have been.

In 1463 the Great Hall was ‘modernised’ by the new owner, Geoffrey Boleyn. This work was probably continued by his son, William as Geoffrey died soon after purchasing the castle.

A quarter of the Great Hall was partitioned off which had the effect of creating a parlour – the Morning Room.

The central hearth was removed and a new fireplace was constructed on the north wall of the hall with a new large window being squeezed in to the left of the fireplace to brighten what would have been a rather dingy west end.

Visitors to today’s Great Hall or Dining Hall can see the linenfold panelling, ceiling and the fireplace surmounted by the Boleyn coat of arms which were designed by William Silver Frith. The sculptor Nathaniel Hitch carved the Minstrels’ Gallery in 1905.

The Dining Hall can also be hired for events.

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