Castle Object of the Month: Majolica Vase

May 13 2021 | Castle

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The Majolica Vase, located in the Dining Hall, takes the spotlight as the Castle Object of the Month.

The decorative vase dates back to c.1875 and is of Italian origin. It comes from the Cantagalli factory, in Florence and gets its name from the material in which it was made, Majolica, a type of tin glazed earthenware. 

The journey of the vase is of particular interest. Before moving from America to live at Hever Castle in 1903, William Waldorf Astor, was appointed American minister to Italy in 1885. Whilst living in Rome, Astor developed a lifelong passion for art and sculpture and began his extensive collection, much of which still resides at Hever in the Castle and gardens today. 

The Majolica Vase holds religious significance, it depicts Moses with the Commandments, whilst the neck is flanked by serpent handles, portraying the battle between morals and sin.

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