Current Conservation Work

June 18 2018 | Garden

Conservation 3

Cliveden Conservation are in their 8th year of working at Hever Castle to conserve our statue and statuary collection. They are currently working on two pieces of statuary on the Pompeiian Wall in our Italian Garden (and will be soon starting on two columns next week). The Cliveden team are always happy to talk through what they are working on, but we also have information boards present in the Garden.

The Amphorae and the Ionic Capital & Column (pictured above) are from the Forum of Trajan, Rome; both were bought by William Waldorf Astor and have been in place since 1907.

For these two pieces, they will be:

• Removing all the old fixings and replacing them with new stainless steel fixings
• Accessing the condition of the Terracotta
• Repointing any old open cracks and joints and applying colour matched lime based mortar repairs
• Cleaning the capital and column and applying a Algo bio-inhibitor to remove and prevent further algae growth which can damage the marble

Conservation 3

The Roman Frieze (pictured below) dates to the 2nd century AD and is marble. It was once part of a decorative frieze that would have run around the top of a wall; though we do not know where Astor originally obtained it.

Conservation 3

For this piece, they will be:

• Investigating how the Frieze is actually held in place
• Assessing the condition of the buttress and stabilise if necessary
• Replacing all the old concrete with lime mortar and if needed a stainless steel fixing
• Giving the Frieze a light clean and applying Algo bio-inhibitor