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Anne of the Thousand Days dresses
August 18 2020 | Castle

Anne of the Thousand Days dresses

The theme for this week’s #TudorTuesdays with Historic Houses is Film & TV Sets.

This week we look back to 2019 when visitors had the chance to see posters, costumes and information about film and tv programmes filmed at Hever Castle as part of a small temporary exhibition.

Two dresses from the film Anne of the Thousand Days, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019, and a sword dredged from the moat after filming for The Passionate Pilgrim starring Eric Morecambe and Tom Baker, were amongst the items on display.

The smaller dress was worn again in 1971 by Barbara Windsor in the film Carry on Henry. The Carry On franchise regularly capitalised upon the success of Anne of the Thousand Days by using the films sets and costumes. 

The story of the mysterious La Peregrina Pearl was available for visitors to explore as part of the exhibition about film & TV sets at Hever Castle. Bought by actor Richard Burton for Elizabeth Taylor during their first marriage, the $11millon dollar pearl was seen on screen for the first time at Hever Castle when Taylor played a cameo role in Anne of the Thousand Days (1969), having been rejected for the coveted part of Anne Boleyn. During its visit to Hever, the pearl was briefly reunited with two Hever portraits which depict it being worn on the Queens who once owned it: Mary I and Elizabeth de Valois.

During the filming of a sword fight on Hever Castle’s drawbridge for the 1984 short film The Passionate Pilgrim, Tom Baker lost grip of his sword and it tumbled into the moat. Twenty-seven years later, when the castle’s moat was drained Baker’s sword was discovered poking out of the silt, and was displayed for the first time during the Hever Castle on Stage and Screen exhibition.

The Passionate Pilgrim, Tom Baker's Sword

Photographs from an opera about Thomas Boleyn performed for the previous owners, the Astors in 1972 and also images from some of the film and TV programmes filmed at Hever Castle were on show at the exhibition.

In more recent years, Hever Castle appeared on popular BBC One television show The Apprentice and there were plenty of fireworks to be had! A full list of Film & TV shows can be found here.

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