Golf like a girl at Hever Castle Golf Club

March 31 2016 | Golf What's on

inspiring women to take to the greens

Hever Castle Golf Club is proud to be the flagship venue for Golf Like a Girl events. Golf Like a Girl was set up with the aim of encouraging and inspiring more women to enjoy golf. The events at Hever have been very well attended since spring 2015 and continue to grow throughout 2016.

Founder of Golf Like a Girl, Tanya Wright, identified Hever Castle Golf Club as a perfect venue for women, from complete beginners onwards. It can be daunting coming along for the first time, so the warm welcome that all the women receive puts everyone at ease.

Events start off in the Clubhouse over coffee and a chance to meet the rest of the group, many of whom have never played golf before. The Castle Golf School professionals then teach 90 minutes of coaching in a relaxed, ‘no pressure’ way. Covering all the main golf shots, everyone can have a try without worrying about how they do, as everyone is in the same boat.

Women can progress on to ‘Game On’ sessions, which are two-hour lessons played entirely on the Princes 9 hole course. All events end with a delicious lunch in the Hever Castle Clubhouse. Learning to play golf in a sociable, friendly group is key to what we do.

The numbers of women returning after the first, often nerve-racking session speak for themselves, as there is now a thriving community of women at Hever, both on and off the course.

golf like a girl

For more details about upcoming Golf Like a Girl events, please go to or call Hever Castle Golf Club Professional Shop on 01732 700 771.

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