Head Gardener’s 6 top tips for autumn gardening

autumn gardening
October 26 2020 | Garden

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With the weather turning colder, windier and wetter, autumn has truly set in. To retain your garden in the best health for next year, Head Gardener, Neil Miller, has put together some top tips to help with your autumn gardening.

Autumn gardening top tips:

  1. In the next week or two it is time to winter prune your Hybrid tea and Floribunda roses. This is quite a quick prune, we simply prune the rose down by a third, thus reducing the height, this prevents the rose bush from being damaged by the winter weather and prevents wind rock, which is damage to the roots caused by the winter winds.
  2. Collect all the fallen leaves from the base of the roses, many of these may be contaminated by the disease black spot, so to stop the disease reoccurring next year the leaves must not be put on the compost heap, but burnt or put out with your household rubbish.
  3. The grass is now getting rather wet to mow with the autumnal weather, so a good tip to keep your lawn looking neat and tidy is to edge the lawn regularly, you will be surprised how good the lawn looks even if it hasn’t be mown.
  4. Regularly sweep leaves off the lawn to prevent the grass going yellow.
  5. Plant out all your spring bedding plants and bulbs whilst the ground is relatively warm. Here at Hever Castle we will be planting out 7,000 bedding plants, including: Pansies, Violas, Bellis and Wallflowers along with 7,000 Tulips and Hyacinth bulbs.
  6. Watch out for Squirrels digging up your bulbs!

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