Head Gardener’s gardening tips for August


Head Gardener Neil Miller - Hever Castle

We’ve officially reached the height of summer, so Head Gardener, Neil Miller, has put together some top tips to help you keep your garden looking beautiful this August.

Gardening tips

  • Keep deadheading the roses for continued blooms throughout the summer.
  • Start to clip any hornbeam or beech hedges you may have.
  • Keep an eye on newly planted shrubs and water weekly during the dry weather.
  • Keep feeding and watering all your annual bedding plants, especially those in pots and containers.
  • Mow your lawn on a slightly higher setting if it is suffering a bit in the dry weather, but do not water or feed it, the grass will come back in all its glory once the rain starts.
  • As camellias and rhododendrons are forming their flower buds this month feed and water them well with a good tomato feed, as it will help them flower better next year.
  • And Neil’s final tip… don’t forget to find time to sit down and enjoy your garden after all your hard work!

Rose Garden - Hever Castle

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