Hever Castle’s former owners commemorated in Hever Church

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St Peter’s Church, Hever is situated to the right of the main entrance of Hever Castle and many of the key players in the history of the historic landmark are commemorated in Hever church.

The tomb of Thomas Boleyn, father of Anne Boleyn and grandfather of Elizabeth I resides in Hever church, topped with one of the best examples of monumental brasses in the UK. It shows the full robes and insignia of a Knight of the Garter. A falcon, the family’s crest, is above the right shoulder and a griffin is at the feet. The church also contains a memorial to Henry, Thomas’ infant son. The Bullen chapel was built around 1465.

Hever church also contains a tomb to another former Hever Castle owner, John de Cobham who died in 1399 and is buried underneath the vestry floor.

The Meade-Waldos who owned the Castle in the 19th and 20th centuries are commemorated with windows at Hever church.

The East window (pictured above) is in memory of former owner Gavin Astor who died on 28 June 1984. It was designed and made by John Hayward and dedicated by the Bishop of Rochester on 1 November 1986.

It is not the only memorial to the Astor family in Hever church. His grandfather William Waldorf Astor who bought Hever Castle in 1903, restoring the Castle and transforming the gardens has two light glass windows on the North Wall of the church.

The Astor family presented a gift of the church organ in 1973 in memory of Gavin’s father, John Jacob Astor.

Church Gill Walk in the grounds of Hever Castle, past the Astor family dog graves, would have been the Astor family’s walk to Church every Sunday.

There has been Christian worship on the site of St Peter’s Church for over 900 years and parts of the current building date back to 1292.

Visitors can find out more information about the church and its services here.

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