Hever Castle Estate is open

December 07 2020 | Castle Eat Garden Golf Shops What's on

We’re sorry to announce that Twilight Winter Walks is now cancelled from the 28th December and up to and including 3rd January. The 27th will continue as planned.

A full statement is available here).

hever castle estate is open

We are supporting the NHS Covid-19 App and are displaying NHS QR code posters so that people can check-in. We will be collecting customer details for test and trace data and holding this for 21 days.

What will be open?

  • Gardens
  • Light Trail and Peter Pan Trail (until the 27th Dec only)
  • Click and Collect Father Christmas (until the 24th Dec – Father Christmas ticket required) – see more info
  • Playgrounds – Tudor Towers & Acorn Dell
  • Takeaway Food & Drink Service
  • Click and Collect Shop Service
  • Toilets

What will be closed?

  • Carousel and Fairgrounds Stalls
  • Castle
  • Characters in the Grounds
  • Yew Maze
  • Miniature Model Houses & Military Museum

Further information is provided below. If you need to contact Hever Castle regarding a booking, please do bear with us as our phone lines are currently very busy.  If you email us, we will respond to your query as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.

ticket holders 20 dec – 27 Dec

ticket holders 28 dec – 3 Jan

To visit the gardens you will need to book a date and time slot for arrival online (including Annual Members), this is to limit numbers to protect yourself and each other.  You can book your date and arrival time using the button below. 


It may take up to 30 minutes to queue for your chosen Playground. Entry is on a first come first served basis. 

• Playgrounds are operated on a timed entry basis
• You will need to queue for one playground at a time, choosing either Tudor Towers (includes general play equipment) or Acorn Dell (the sandy one!), you cannot switch between areas during your session
• Timed entry begins at 10:30 and length of the session varies depending on the day of the week
• We let one group out completely before letting the next group in
• A whistle will be blown at the end of your session indicating the end of the play
• Signage at the Playgrounds will indicate when the next session is due to start. You are welcome to wait in this area and answer the fun quiz that’s in place or visit the shop/café/toilets and come back

Will I be able to buy food and drink in the grounds?

There are plenty of places to picnic in the grounds whilst maintaining social distancing. New picnic areas have been created around Lake Walk. Water fountains are available but these are for filling up water bottles only. 

We are also operating a takeaway service from our restaurants, cafe, and kiosks dotted around the grounds. Click here for further information. 

What Safety Measures will be in Place?

When you visit, we will also have some new safety measures in place. Please respect the rules and guidelines for your own protection and the safety of others. Those that do not follow the guidelines may be approached by staff and may be asked to leave. Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated.

We promise to keep you feeling safe by:

✔ Restricting visitor numbers

✔ Providing a warm welcome at a distance

✔ Patrolling our site to monitor visitor activity

✔ Using one way systems to enable social distancing

✔ Providing additional cleaning of facilities

✔ Staff will wear face coverings in line with current government guidelines

✔ Operating a cashless system 

✔ Providing NHS QR Code poster for you to check in with

What we ask of you in return to show you care:

✔ Book an arrival time online

✔ Don’t forget to book for under 5s. They MUST have a ticket.

✔ Keep two metres away from other visitors

✔ Follow the one-way system in the grounds

✔ Wash your hands for 20 seconds after using facilities

✔ Use hand sanitiser when necessary

✔ Checking in with the NHS Covid-19 App and providing your contact details

✔ Taking your litter home with you

✔ Wear a face covering where needed (exemptions apply)

✔ We urge you to go to the toilet before you leave home (Although toilets will, of course, be open)


We have a new FAQs section to provide you with all information you may want to know before your visit. 

We’re looking forward to warmly welcoming to you to Grounds & Gardens again.



Enjoy your visit

Respect, Protect & Enjoy