Hever Castle’s 2018 Jousting Tournament Winner

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August 28 2018 | Attractions What's on


This year spectators were treated to thrilling displays of action, stunts, falls and fights as the brave Knights of Royal England competed for points to find the season’s champion knight.

After leading for much of the season, Sir Jasper has triumphed in the 2018 Hever Castle jousting tournament.

With over 20 years of experience jousting in Europe, Dubai and the United States, Sir Jasper utilised his considerable skills and fought hard to regain his champion’s crown from 2017 overall winner Sir Sam of Hever.

A four-day joust-a-thon over the August bank holiday weekend provided a fantastic climax to the season at Hever Castle, with stunning weather and big crowds gathering to enjoy the entertainment.

The final four days were fraught with high speed action including: tilting, knights crashing to the floor, lances shattering, melees, foot combat, excellent swordsmanship and combat with all manner of medieval weapons.

The final scores in the 2018 Hever Castle jousting tournament were:

  1. Sir Jasper 422
  2. Lord Ashley of Hampshire 419
  3. Sir Sam of Hever 372
  4. Sir Stephen of Porlock 289

(Points are awarded in competitions including riding against the quintain, riding to spear enemy heads from the ground and lancing the smallest of rings, all followed by foot combat with weapons of their choice. The highlight of the competition is the duel on horseback between two knights riding against each other on their beautiful Spanish horses at full tilt armed only with a 4-metre lance and a shield. Maximum points are scored for unseating their opponent in this dramatic finale.)

See the completed 2018 jousting scoreboard here.