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Inside Hever Castle is a new online subscription that will let you explore this historic property from the comfort of your home.

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In this series of six virtual tours, Castle Supervisor, Dr Owen Emmerson, guides you inside Hever Castle and round some of the rooms of the Castle pointing out objects of interest and facts about this fascinating historic house.

The Courtyard

The first video guides you into the Castle, across the inner moat via the working drawbridge to Hever Castle’s Courtyard.

Inner Hall

As soon as you walk into the building at Hever Castle you are greeted with the splendour of the Inner Hall. In the second virtual tour, Dr Owen Emmerson steps inside Hever Castle and shares details about this wonderful room including how it was used during the Boleyn’s ownership and highlights details that shouldn’t be missed.

Drawing Room

This video heads into the Drawing Room. Discover the intricate detail that has been applied to the decoration of this room and how it was once used by the Boleyn family. Watch until the end of the video to see what’s behind a hidden door. It’s not what you’d expect!

Dining Hall

The Dining Hall or Great Hall is where the Boleyn’s would have entertained publicly, with room for a good feast! In this virtual tour, inside Hever Castle, Dr Emmerson displays original features of the room and a lock thought to owned by royalty.

Long Gallery

In this video, Owen ascends two flights of stairs to the Long Gallery. This room extends across the entire width of the Castle and was used for entertaining guests, taking exercise, and displaying art collections. Learn more about the re-curation of this room by Dr David Starkey. Discover original Tudor features and some impressive additions that were made by owner William Waldorf Astor and the extraordinary lengths he employed to install them.

Anne Boleyn

Hever Castle is fortunate enough to have a number of items relating to Anne Boleyn and her family on permanent display here inside Hever Castle. In this video, a selection of portraits and objects that will be of interest for any Anne Boleyn fans are demonstrated including two impressive prayer books that Anne Boleyn both wrote in and signed.

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