Kent Big Weekend: Visit Hever Castle for free

kent big weekend
March 04 2020 | Castle Garden

kent big weekend

Hever Castle is once again taking part in the Kent Big Weekend.

For one weekend only, Kent residents have the chance to enjoy a fantastic day out in the county for free.

Registration is open now for a chance to win two free tickets to the castle and gardens as part of Kent Big Weekend (Saturday 4 April and Sunday 5 April).

Thousands of tickets to attractions across the county will be available as part of the Kent Big Weekend campaign.

Residents have until 16 March to register and will find out on 17 March whether they were successful in the Kent Big Weekend ballot.

However those not lucky initially might still get allocated tickets up until 24 March as those who are unable to use the tickets they were given return theirs.

For those who come to Hever Castle they have a chance to discover centuries of history in the childhood home of Anne Boleyn.

The splendid rooms of the double moated castle contain fine furniture, tapestries, antiques, an important collection of Tudor paintings and two prayer books inscribed and signed by Anne Boleyn herself.

The stunning award-winning gardens transformed by William Waldorf Astor include the Italian Garden with its 38 acre lake and the spectacular Loggia with is very own Trevi Fountain.

Visitors aged 7-14 can also explore the Tudor Towers adventure playground with its own moat, drawbridge and three turrets and those under 7 can enjoy Acorn Dell, natural play area with its 2 metre high living willow structure, a giant sandpit, a mound with tunnels to clamber in and a climbing frame.

There is also the 100 year old Yew maze to explore, the popular Water Maze (will you manage to get to the middle without getting wet?) and the Miniature Model Houses exhibition (accessible via the Hever Shop).

• For a chance to come to Hever Castle for free go to the event website