May 26 2020 | Garden

knot garden – TUDOR Tuesdays

The theme for this week’s #TudorTuesdays with @Historic_Houses is Knot Gardens!

On this Tudor Tuesday, we take a look at the Knot Garden found within the Tudor Garden at Hever Castle. 

Knot Gardens were founded in England and resemble the threads of ancient Celtic knot work.

Running alongside the Yew Maze and bordering the outer moat of the Castle lies the Tudor Garden, a series of small, sheltered gardens with neatly clipped hedges.

Laid out as they might have been in the time of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, these simple gardens feature a Tudor style herb garden; a paved fountain garden with a profusion of Ballerina shrub roses; and a chess garden which boasts chess pieces cut from golden yew as well as an astrolabe dating from the reign of Queen Anne.

All three gardens border the outer moat which contains colourful water-lilies which flower in July and August.

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