The Lockdown Podcast Show

April 30 2020 | Castle Garden


Usually, at this time of the year, horticultural PR Specialist Vikki Rimmer is busy writing about the Gardens at Hever Castle. This year during lockdown, together with her daughter Zoë (11), she is doing something very inspiring and forming a community on air with The Lockdown Podcast Show, a show for kids made by kids!

Last August, Vikki and her daughter Zoë (11) discovered that with a microphone and some laughter they could make a podcast. They made a couple, just to amuse themselves, but never shared them. They packed the microphone away at the end of the summer holiday and Zoë joined her friends in year 6 and Vikki returned to the gardens at Hever to write and capture them on film. 

Fast forward to March 2020 and a situation none of us could ever say we were prepared for: the lockdown. 

With movement limited, social distancing and home schooling a reality, interaction with friends and the wider world was suddenly limited to Zoom calls and WhatsApp.

Zoë decided to dust off the microphone and attempt to build a community of friends on air. 

With the help of George (8) in his greenhouse in Chepstow, Connor (9) gaming in Petts Wood, some recipes and fiendish quizzes, Zoë had the bare bones of a show. 

They reached out and Phil Harrison from BBC Radio Kent helped them, along with Tom Hart Dyke from Lullingstone. Zoë received help from Alex Horne, the man behind Taskmaster (Dave/Channel4), and authors Alex Bell (The Polar Bear Explorers Club) Michelle Harrison (A Pinch of Magic) and Tom Palmer (Armistice Runner). 

The show is growing from Zoë’s bedroom and this week she quizzed The Skinny Jean Gardener Lee Connelly and chatted to Isabel Clifton – AKA Hetty Feather! 

Each show has a ‘task’ at its centre: Zoë has explored making your own DIY Escape Room at home, creating a time capsule, and this week (episode 3) investigated creating a family tree. 

Genealogist Selina Draper shared her tips and claims an incredible hidden family link with Hever Castle!

Episode 1

This episode includes a Time Capsule.

Episode 2

Episode 3

This episode includes a Family Tree Template. Another Family Tree Template can be found here on the Hever Castle Learning at Home section of the Family Fun Page.

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Zoë is taking down the sound booth in her bedroom for now but all 8 podcasts will stay live throughout the summer.

In the final episode:

Super Star author and comedian David Walliams and Malory Towers scriptwriter Rachel Flowerday join Zoë on the final show of the series to talk books, Simon Cowell and Enid Blyton! Can you do better than Zoë’s Grandad in the final round of The Lockdown Quiz? Duolingo provide the activity this week. Choose from Spanish, Danish or Klingon and learn a language in lockdown! There’s a final gaming instalment from Conor plus an activity round up from the last 7 shows

LEarning at home