Meet belly dancing teacher Michaela Mackevitt

February 28 2020 | Golf

Michaela Mackevitt

Hever Castle housekeeper Michaela Mackevitt started belly dancing when a friend wanted to try a class and she got hooked.

“My friend did three classes and I am still doing it 14 years later”, Michaela joked.

She runs a class in East Grinstead and is now adding a class at Hever Castle Health & Wellbeing.

Michaela said: “I have always loved dance but I fell in love with belly dancing. When my teacher retired I took over from her.”

She has been teaching for the past three years and says her classes are suitable for everyone:

“Belly dance is for all shapes, all sizes, all ages. My youngest student is 11 and my oldest is 83.

“It is great for self-confidence, it’s great for improving memory as well as physical fitness. It is low impact but it’s also great for getting your heart rate up.”

There is no need to wear a special outfit or get your tummy out if you don’t want to – Michaela advises a comfortable outfit and bringing a scarf so she can check hip movement.

Some people dance in bare feet or a ballet shoe and Michaela also advises bringing a bottle of water:

“People don’t realise there is so much involved in it and it is a cardio work out although it is low impact. There is a lot of core movement so it’s good for core strength,” she says.

Michaela Mackevitt teaches Egyptian belly dance to traditional music.

The class at Hever Castle Health & Wellbeing runs at 6pm to 7pm on a Wednesday and cost £10 for an hour.

To book email Michaela on: [email protected]

The Wellbeing Centre opened in April 2019 at Hever Castle Health & Wellbeing. It offers a range of classes such as pilates, yoga and Paracise™ and treatments including physiotherapy, massage and beauty therapy.