Meet the Young Gardeners at Hever Castle

Young gardeners at Hever Castle
August 22 2018 | Garden

Young gardeners at Hever Castle

The gardening team at Hever Castle consists of 11 full time members of staff (including three of our young gardeners photographed above), plus a number of volunteers who have a personal interest in gardening and horticulture. Today, let’s get to know a bit more about Josh, Michael and Rhys. 

Josh fenn:

Since a young age I’ve always been interested in gardening. I used to help my Dad in the garden and I was part of a gardening club at school. In 2008 I completed my work experience at Hever Castle which actually led to the realisation that I wanted to pursue gardening as a career. I then studied horticulture at Broomfield Hall (Derby College) for a year where I learnt the practical side of gardening. After completing the Level 2, I did my Level 3 at Hadlow College for two years. Whilst studying at Hadlow, I also worked at Hever Castle one day a week for my work experience portfolio. After becoming qualified a job was advertised at Hever Castle which I immediately applied for it, and the rest is history! Horticulture is such an enjoyable industry to be part of and I am so passionate about developing and maintaining gardens for people to visit and enjoy. 

michael holah:

My interest in gardening first started when I met my girlfriend as her mother and brother are both gardeners with their own businesses. This connection gave me the opportunity to work on projects with them and I soon realised that I’d found a career path I was passionate about. When I began my journey at Hever Castle two and a half years ago, I was fortunate enough to be shown all aspects of gardening by the Deputy Gardener and Head Gardener. My role at Hever Castle includes maintaining the lawns, cutting hedges, pruning and weeding amongst many other tasks! I also help train new employees on the agricultural machinery. I absolutely love being a young gardener. Hever Castle is such an amazing place to work and I can’t wait to see how my career progresses here. 

rhys johnston:

I started gardening at Hever castle in early 2014 as a volunteer accruing hours for my College work experience. Being honest, at the time I was not at all interested in gardening! The course I was undertaking at the start of my work experience was called Countryside Management, and it was largely based on the conservation side of outdoor work. I really enjoyed the course but after starting work at Hever Castle I realised that I also loved the horticultural side. This is why I continued my work with Hever. I have always been an outdoorsy person and it felt right to pursue a career in an outdoor-based industry. Working at Hever Castle has given me countless valuable new skills I would have not obtained if i hadn’t continued working beyond my experience hours. I’m extremely thankful to everyone at Hever Castle and I hope to continue working here for many years to come.

Thank you to our young gardeners!

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