Meet yoga instructor David Upson


Yoga instructor David was an IT consultant who started practising yoga after suffering a back injury.

His former job saw him drive 35,000 miles a year and when he wasn’t in the car, sitting or standing for up to 6 hours a day. One morning at Northampton services while stopped for fuel David went to get out of the car and “went down like a sack of spuds”.

“A lot of people helped pick me up off the floor. I took 5 hours to drive home, 20 minutes to get my leg out of the car and 20 minutes to walk up the drive.”

Doctors diagnosed the back issue as muscular; David’s back had gone into spasm.

He took painkillers and had massage and physiotherapy but did not find it helped.

Even walking was painful and he once got overtaken by someone on a zimmer frame!

He said: “Trying to put one foot in front of the other was agony.”

David went back to work after 6 months but was worried about it happening again so looked into yoga.

Too embarrassed to go to a class David did a Geri Halliwell yoga DVD for 9 months at home before signing up for a 10 week beginners course in Haywards Heath.

“Every class was a monumental struggle because I wanted to do it but my body wouldn’t let me. But I felt just a little bit better every time I went,” says David.

After several years of practising yoga weekly David took the plunge with a sabbatical from work to go to Bali for an 8 week yoga teaching course.

Newly qualified he started teaching an over 50s yoga class at Crawley Yoga. He trained with Katy Appleton who he had met at the Yoga Show 10 years before and also completed a course with the Institute of Sports Science, qualifying as a sports yoga coach.

He says: “We all know we need to stretch be it instinctive or intellectual. Just watch your cat or dog when it wakes. Yoga can be used as a tool to take that further allowing the student to become more aware of their physical and mental needs. From this develops a regular practice that can promote better balance, concentration, stamina, flexibility and mobility.”

Yoga instructor David teaches at the Triangle Leisure Centre, Crawley Yoga and Charlton Park and he will be offering 60 minute classes on Sunday mornings at 9:30am from 19 January at Hever Castle Golf & Wellbeing.

To book classes or for more information please contact David on 07734 861272 or

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