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Katie Brown has practiced yoga for years, but became more passionate about it after being diagnosed with Endometriosis and Adenomyosis.

She was in debilitating pain and unable to work for months, but amazed medical professionals with her recovery after changing her diet and taking on a regular yoga practice.

Katie Brown said: “I use to collapse in excruciating pain and took strong painkillers daily with little to no effect. I gradually got my life back through yoga and eating an anti-inflammatory diet.

“This transformation inspired me to study and learn how yoga had become my pain relief, my medicine. It was this discovery that made me want to help and teach others.

“Initially I wanted to work with other endometriosis patients, which I still do, but yoga can benefit everyone, by calming the nervous system, using the breath and creating space in the body.”

The mother of two practiced yoga during both of her pregnancies and when she discovered the healing powers of yoga during her illness decided to find out more.

Katie Brown trained as a yoga teacher under the guidance of Toni Roberts and started teaching in 2018.

She now runs a 60 minute hatha yoga class on Saturday mornings at Hever Health & Wellbeing. This is a gentle vinyasa flow for all abilities. Her class starts with a meditative breathing exercise, progresses to a flowing asana practice and ends with a restorative relaxation.

Music is also a big part of her classes as Katie trained as a contemporary dancer until her early twenties.

She says: “Yoga can benefit everyone, whether you’re a total beginner or you’ve been practicing for years, stressed and in need of some time out, or you want to complement your sports training to strengthen and release your muscles.”

Katie Brown also teaches one to ones and group classes on a Thursday and Friday in Sevenoaks.

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Katie Brown is among the instructors who work at The Wellbeing Centre which opened in April 2019 at Hever Castle Health & Wellbeing. It offers a range of classes such as pilates, yoga and Paracise™ and treatments including physiotherapy, massage and beauty therapy.

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