Hever Castle Announces New Adventure Playground


adventure playground

This summer Hever Castle & Gardens will be unveiling a new adventure playground, complete with a nine-metre tall castle that is sure to delight young visitors.

‘Tudor Towers’ is set to be bigger than a four bedroom house with its own moat, drawbridge and three turrets.

Aimed at children 7-14 it will feature three slides and two poles and lots of interactive elements split into three houses: Hawk, Bull and Squirrel.

Children will be able to experience a castle under siege with one side left incomplete as if it has been attacked, with a cargo net to climb, noises of archers, a drawbridge and ten model knights to battle past.

There will also be a Dining Hall with room for Henry VIII and his six wives complete with the sounds of a crackling fire. Tudor Towers will also feature different entrances and exits including a hidden Priest Hole.

Instruments to play, a roof maze to solve and hidden boxes to find, will mean it is sure to entertain everyone from the younger child to the teenager.

Some of the history of Hever Castle will be replicated in the new Tudor Towers area. The courtyard of the castle features shields designed by children from three schools alongside the coats of arms of some of the previous owners of Hever Castle.

Tudor Towers was designed by FRLA Ltd and being constructed by West Sussex-based Duncan and Grove to replace the former Tower Maze.

The new adventure playground will open at the end of July 2017, see the teaser video below:

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