New wellbeing centre for Hever Castle Golf Club

April 02 2019 | Golf

Golfers and visitors are now able to have a massage or join a pilates class as part of a new wellbeing centre which opened on 2 April 2019.

Hever Castle Health & Wellbeing is located at Hever Castle Golf Club with 5 treatment rooms offering osteopathy, physiotherapy, massage and beauty.

A range of yoga, pilates, Paracise™ and Flexfit classes are also available in the Studio and a healthy menu extended for the clubhouse bar and restaurant as part of the new wellbeing centre.

The wellbeing centre, which is being run by Hever Health Ltd, is available for golf members, visitors and members of the public.

Osteopathy and massage have been available at the golf club since 2017 but the new wellbeing centre has seen building works and refurbishment in order to expand the treatments on offer to a wider range of people.

Club General Manager Jon Wittenberg said: “We have built a high quality bespoke 5 room treatment centre and studio in which to provide Hever Castle Wellbeing with a smart new home. Working closely with our new partner, Hever Health Ltd, we aim to deliver inspiring and life enriching wellbeing services to our existing members and our local community.”

Osteopath Paul Moody said: “Gemma, Chris, Sophie and I are excited at the prospect of working in the high spec clinic being created at Hever Castle Golf Club. We look forward to offering members and visitors the chance to improve their health and wellbeing through therapy, classes and good food.

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About Hever Castle Golf Club:

It was in the 1920s that golf first featured on the estate when a private 9 hole course was built for owner William Waldorf Astor’s personal enjoyment in the grounds where today’s Championship Course lies north of the Hever lakes. The golf course proved a valuable tool for the Astor’s to entertain friends, family and for business.

The original course survived until the Second World War when it was sadly abandoned during the War effort. The present day Championship Course was created in 1992 and the Princes 9 Hole Course opened in 1998.