Top tips for January from nutritional therapist

January 08 2020 | Golf

Overeaten over the festive period? Claire Hargreaves, nutritional therapist at Hever Castle Golf and Wellbeing, shares her top tips for January:

• Don’t get overwhelmed with exercise, start with just 20 minutes each day
• Have low carbs in the evenings if trying to lose weight
• Think about food intolerances/things that have disagreed with you over Christmas – considering cutting certain foods out
• Increase coloured fruit and vegetables – good for your liver
• Hot water and lemon is also good for your liver
• Writing down what you are eating makes you think about your food choices
• Think protein with every meal and snack. Protein rich foods include nuts, seeds, carrot sticks and humus, small bit of cheese and oatcakes or if on the go; a protein bar.

Claire’s top tips for January for golfers is to eat little and often and take a healthy snack with them if they will be out for several hours.

Working in the industry for 10 years Claire has a degree in Nutritional Therapy from Westminster University.

As well as sharing her top tips for January, she offers a nutrition service for golfers and visitors and can help with weight loss, gut issues, hormonal imbalances, chronic fatigue, allergies and intolerances among other things.

Clients come for an initial consultation where Claire then designs a bespoke plan. Typically they would have 4-5 sessions. This could be online or on the phone if people are not able to come in person.

She offers muscle testing to see what different supplements might be needed as well as other testing such as genetic testing.

Claire has seen an increase in people coming to her about thyroid problems as well as gut issues, intolerances and allergies and chronic fatigue. She also treats couples and families.

The Wellbeing Centre opened in April 2019 and offers osteopathy, physiotherapy, massage and reflexology as well as classes in pilates, yoga and Paracise™. Find out more here

Healthy food options are also available on the menu at the bar.