Perfect your swing with the indoor golf studio

indoor golf studio
January 07 2020 | Golf

Perfect your swing in the Hever Castle Golf Club’s indoor golf studio. Practice your skills as the PGA professionals use cutting-edge technology to analyse and perfect your technique.

The custom built golf studio is fully air-conditioned and provides a private space to practice come rain or shine. Modern technology including cameras, a projector, Swing Catalyst Board, and GC2 Launch Monitor has been used to create a full studio simulator experience. The studio will allow Hever’s three Professional coaches to measure and analyse several key statistics including carry distance, total distance, club-head speed, ball speed, launch angle, side-spin and accuracy. The PGA professionals can then help you make light of these stats and guide you towards the perfect technique. 

Indoor golf studio

Complete with sounds and a virtual experience, the simulator allows you to play some of the most recognisable courses in the World. Whilst there’s nothing like getting out on the greens, the indoor golf studio is perfect if you want to break down the science behind your swing. Accurate ball flight simulation gives you instant feedback. Being indoors also means that you can pre-book lessons far in advance and never have to worry about the slightly unpredictable English weather.

Prices for hiring the room start from only £30 for 1 hours practice, which you can share with up to 3 friends for a simulator experience. Alternatively, you can also book the room for the price of a golf lesson; book lessons online here.

Get in touch for individual and group packages.