Play Areas Reopening From 4th July

Acorn Dell Play Area
July 03 2020 | Attractions

Hever Castle & Gardens welcomed the recent updates to Government guidelines that allow play areas to reopen from Saturday 4th July.

The castle’s 125 acres of grounds and gardens are already open to those arriving with a pre-booked ticket. From Saturday 4th July, the Play Areas and the Castle will also reopen.

New measures will be in place to ensure that the Play Areas and the Castle can welcome visitors safely whilst taking into account all of the latest guidelines.

Everyone (including annual members) will need to continue to book garden tickets online with a chosen arrival time to as we continue to control our visitor numbers.

With a pre booked Garden Ticket, visitors can then visit the Play Areas and upgrade to a Castle Ticket at the Castle’s entrance. Because of a limit on the numbers safely allowed in each room of the Castle and in each Play Area at any one time, entry cannot be guaranteed for everyone.

Which Play Areas are Open?

Tudor Towers, Acorn Dell and the Playground will all reopen from Saturday 4th July. Together these three areas provide an exciting and inspiring space for children and families to play, discover and relax in while connecting with the great outdoors. 

Acorn Dell, Play Areas

Acorn Dell

What Guidelines and Safety Measures are in Place?

When you visit the Play Areas, we will also have some new safety measures in place. There will also be a time limit for each Play Area. The Plays Areas are all high contact areas so please consider this when deciding whether to use them. 

It may take up to 30 minutes to queue for your chosen Play Area.

• Play Areas are operated on a timed entry basis
• You will need to queue for one play area at a time, choosing either Tudor Towers (includes general play equipment) or Acorn Dell (the sandy one!), you cannot switch between areas during your session
• Timed entry begins at 10:30 (10:00 from 13 – 31 August) and length of the session varies depending on the day of the week
• We let one group out completely before letting the next group in
• A whistle will be blown at the end of your session indicating the end of play
• Signage at the Play Areas will indicate when the next session is due to start. You are welcome to wait in this area and answer the fun quiz that’s in place or visit the shop/café/toilets and come back

Please respect the rules and guidelines for your own protection and the safety of others. Those that do not follow the guidelines may be approached by staff and may be asked to leave. Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated.

Our COVID Secure Declaration can be found here.

We promise to keep you feeling safe by:

✔ Frequently cleaning all Play Areas

✔ Restricting visitor numbers in each Play Area and implementing time limits. The gate between Tudor Towers and Acorn Dell will be closed, therefore you must choose which area you wish to visit and rejoin the queue to change playgrounds

✔ Implementing maximum numbers of visitors in the queue at one time. Queues may be closed without warning in the case of lost children or a first aid incident

✔ Patrolling our site to monitor visitor activity

What we ask of you in return to show you care:

✔ Use hand sanitiser when necessary before entering the play areas

✔ Accompany children at all times. This includes within Tudor Towers

✔ Maintain 2m social distancing from other visitors

✔ Wash your hands for 20 seconds after using facilities

✔ Don’t consume food or drink in the playground areas

Play areas

Tudor Towers

More Information & FAQs

For more information about what will be open in the Castle & Gardens.

Before booking, we advise that you read the important information provided, the FAQs and download a copy of the Map that includes the new one-way system that is in place in the grounds.

You can watch the short video about our safety and hygiene promises – to help you feel reassured before visiting.

We’re looking forward to warmly welcoming to you to Castle & Gardens again.




Our COVID Secure Declaration can be found here.

Enjoy your visit

Respect, Protect & Enjoy