Ready Golf best for golfers during autumn and winter

Ready Golf
November 20 2018 | Golf

Ready Golf is now the best option for all stroke play competition events and social golf during autumn and winter for both members and visitors.

Hever Castle Golf Club has released some tips for Ready Golf:

During Ready Golf shorter hitters should play first from the tee if longer hitters need to wait.

If a player further away faces a challenging shot which is taking them time to assess their options another player should hit a shot first (if it is safe to do so).

If the person starting is delayed in Ready Golf someone else should take a shot instead.

Golfers playing Ready Golf should hit their shot before helping someone look for a lost ball.

If a golfer gets their ball in a bunker and has to rake before hitting another golfer should take their shot first.

Those playing Ready Golf should mark their score cards as soon as they arrive at the next tee except the player playing first who should mark their card immediately after teeing off.

The benefits of Ready Golf are clear in time saved: the average 4 ball would complete their round 26 minutes faster if each player took 5 seconds less per shot.

About Hever Castle Golf Club:

Hever Castle Golf Club is a 27 hole golf course, on the Hever Castle estate a mile down the road from Hever Castle entrance.

It was in the 1920s that golf first featured on the estate when a private 9 hole course was built for Astor’s personal enjoyment in the grounds where today’s Championship Course lies north of the Hever lakes.

The golf course proved a valuable tool for the Astor’s to entertain friends, family and for business.

The original course survived until the Second World War when it was sadly abandoned during the War effort.

The present day Championship Course was created in 1992 and the Princes 9 Hole Course opened in 1998.

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More on Ready Golf:

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