Spotlight on the Gardens: the Pompeiian Wall in the Italian Garden

The Pompeiian Wall
July 14 2015 | Attractions Garden

The stunning Pompeiian Wall is an iconic part of the Italian Garden and has been managed by Hever Castle gardener Donna Johnson for the past six years.

Having previously worked at nearby How Green Nursery managing the plants for the shop at Hever Castle, she has been a member of our gardening team for the past twelve years.

The Pompeiian Wall features immaculately kept small bays showcasing antiquities in stone and marble enveloped with shrubs, climbing plants and stunning flower beds.

Donna’s eye for detail and love of making an area look neat and tidy mean she is ideally suited to tending the Pompeiian Wall. She commented, “I have to make sure all the edges are cut, the beds are weed free and the soil looks perfect. There are also many different shrubs which need pruning on the walls.”

When deciding what to plant in the formal beds in this part of the garden, Donna discusses her ideas with Head Gardener Neil Miller, and gathers ideas from books and the internet to ensure the Italian theme is maintained.

Working as a Hever Castle Gardener

When discussing her work at Hever Castle, Donna said, “I love working at Hever because the gardens are stunning. My office is probably the best ever! I never take it for granted, and know how lucky I am to work at such a special place.”

She continued “I love the fact that the garden is so diverse and has so many different areas. My favourite area is the Italians but I also love the peacefulness of the Sunday Walk; Hever has an area for everybody to enjoy.”

Throughout her career as a Hever Castle gardener Donna has felt privileged for the opportunities to visit the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, Chelsea Flower Show, Kensington Roof Gardens and No. 10 Downing Street.

Donna concluded, “In all my twelve years of working at Hever Castle, the gardens now are the best they have ever looked and I am so proud to say I am a gardener at Hever Castle!”

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