Sam Pitcairn Golf – Wedge Programme


Sam Pitcairn, Head Teaching Professional at Hever Castle Golf Club, has launched a 3-month Wedge Programme to help golfers improve their wedge play into and around the green.

Having coached golf for 11 years Sam has helped all levels and ages of golfer with golf tuition to improve their games in order to reach their golfing goals.

Sam has been a PGA member for 13 years and has gained Class AA status. 

The Wedge Programme

The 3-month Wedge Programme runs from July 1st – September 30th and is aimed at the golfer who wants to master their wedge play into and around the green.

The Wedge Programme consists of an initial 5-hole, on-course assessment followed by 6 x 60 minute sessions. These session will be tailored to the golfer’s individual needs.

On completion of the Wedge Programme you will:

  • Understand and improve your individual wedge movements to achieve a predictable ground contact relative to the ball
  • Understand how to control shot distance
  • Understand how to control shot trajectory
  • Understand how to adapt set up and movements in order to see the desired shot outcome from varying lies around the green
  • Understand how and what to practice to continually improve your wedge game

The Wedge Programme is £130 per month or £390 one-off payment.


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