08 February - 12 November 2023 | Castle Historical

Catherine & Anne: Queens, Mothers, Rivals

Catherine & Anne: Queens, Mothers, Rivals

  • 08 February - 12 November 20230:00 - 23:59

Catherine & Anne: Queens, Mothers, Rivals

For centuries Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn have been pitted against each other as love rivals with their differences celebrated. Hever Castle’s new exhibition (which runs from 8 February 2023 to 12 November 2023), showcases the similarities between Catherine & Anne and through new research shows that Catherine owned the very same copy of the prayer book that Anne had.

Visitors can see a previously unexhibited panel portrait of Catherine of Aragon and replicas of the coronation robes and crown of Elizabeth I and Mary I which may also have been used by Catherine & Anne at their coronations.

As part of the exhibition, you are now able to see another 1527 Book of Hours – which is now believed to have belonged to Thomas Cromwell – on loan from the Wren Library, Trinity College, Cambridge. In a discovery branded the most exciting Thomas Cromwell finding ‘in a generation’, historians at Hever Castle believe that Anne Boleyn, Catherine of Aragon, AND Thomas Cromwell all owned a copy of the same prayer book. Further information can be found here.

The exhibition is included as part of Castle admission.

To accompany the exhibition, Dr Owen Emmerson, Kate McCaffrey and Alison Palmer have written a book which is available to purchase from Hever Castle’s online shop here. Owen and Kate have also written a book on the Thomas Cromwell discovery entitled Holbein’s hidden gem: rediscovering Thomas Cromwell’s lost book can be purchased in the Hever Shop, Castle and the Online Shop.

Catherine & Anne: Queens, Mothers, Rivals Information

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