Hever Castle

The original medieval defensive castle with its gatehouse and walled bailey was built in 1270. In the 15th and 16th centuries the Boleyn family added the Tudor dwelling within the walls. The Castle was then owned by a number of families before William Waldorf Astor invested time, money and imagination in restoring the Castle, building the ’Tudor Village’ and creating the gardens,  lake and golf club.

The Guthries, a Yorkshire family based in Scarborough are the current owners of the Hever Castle Estate. John Guthrie, a chartered surveyor by training, chairs the private property group Broadland Properties founded in 1950. Broadland Properties purchased Hever Castle and its collection from the Astor family in 1983.

Broadlands are committed to the future of the Castle. During their custodianship have invested greatly in the historical integrity of the estate and are helping to make Hever Castle more environmentally friendly.

Today our mission is to conserve and improve the Hever Castle Estate whilst maintaining its integrity, and making its important history available to inform and educate our visitors. We endeavour to ensure an enjoyable, engaging and memorable experience for all in a beautiful, fun and safe environment.



We are immensely proud of the team that make Hever Castle & Gardens such a success. From those you see out in the gardens and Castle, to those typing away in the offices – thank you.

Our hard work has been recognised by various organisations so we wanted to share the good news with you.



Broadland Properties, who purchased Hever Castle and its collection from the Astor family in 1983, are helping to make the Hever Castle Estate more environmentally friendly. Find out more about the biomass woodchip boiler and ecologically sound sewage systems that are in place.


It takes a great team with wide-ranging skills to look after and manage the Hever Castle Estate. From visitor experience executive to events coordinator, we’ve got something for everyone. Are you passionate, hardworking and social? If so, take a look at our vacancies.


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