Dragon Age: Inquisition Filming At Hever Castle

Castle, Garden

Dragon Age: Inquisition

The crew from Electronic Arts were at Hever Castle on Tuesday to film a promotional video designed to generate a buzz around the upcoming release of the new Dragon Age™: Inquisition game due out on November 21st.

The third in a gaming saga, Dragon Age: Inquisition is eagerly anticipated by fans and is based around the theme of leadership. With this guiding principle in mind, four teams of gaming enthusiasts took part in a series of quests to determine who would prove triumphant.

Led by figures from the gaming world, including Spamfish (@Spamfish), Nomanis (@EUNomanis), EA Actionman (@EA_ActionMan) and Deb Mensah-Bonsu (@DebMensahBonsu), each team took part in four different quests. One such event involved a test of strength that pitted team members against a very heavy replica wild-boar (see photo).

Brightly coloured team jumpers distinguished each team as follows:
Purple team – Cassandra’s Champions
Blue team – Dorian’s Despots
Green team – Morrigan’s Marauders
Red team – The Iron Bulls

The grounds of Hever Castle provided the perfect setting for these tests of leadership and the top two teams went on to compete to build a trebuchet, with the fastest team to complete the task declared the winner.

Recruited via social media from fans volunteering to take part, all team members will receive a copy of the game as soon as it is released.

The footage from the Dragon Age: Inquisition filming at Hever Castle will be shown on gaming website Twitch, which is the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers and was recently bought by Amazon.

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