Pupil builds Hever Castle model for history project

March 25 2024 | Castle

An 11 year old pupil has build a Hever Castle model in wood as part of a school project.

Oliwia Polewiak, who attends Saint Gregory Catholic College in Bath, picked Hever Castle to model for a castle school project due to her interest in history.

The pupils were initially asked to write 1,000 words about castles with an additional optional task to create one of England’s castles.

Having never visited Hever Castle she created the model from online photos with help from carpenter dad, Krzysztof.

The project took about three months with both working on it in the afternoons and at weekends.

They started by making a plan on paper which was then copied onto plywood. It was then cut, windows draw on and sanded, constructed, lighting installed and painted with a final sanding and wax added.

Oliwia said ”I was really pleased with the Castle and I was really proud of me and my dad.”

Castle supervisor Jonathan Higgs said: “It really is quite a marvellous history project! It is practically identical to the castle, I thought the courtyard was particularly impressive because they seem to have done this solely on the back of photographs, never having visited before.”

Hever Castle offers a variety of school trips for pupils interested in finding out more about the Tudors, the Romans or the first or second world wars.