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Homework - build a castle
June 10 2018 | Castle

Homework - build a castle

For some kids the thought of doing homework in the half term holiday can seem like a bit of a nuisance. However, that wasn’t the case for Deanna Crawford.

Deanna who is only 7 years old had to plan and build a castle of her choice in the holidays. In the new school term she will be learning about castles so we feel very honoured that she chose Hever Castle. Well, the idea to build Hever Castle may have had something to do with Deanna’s mum. Hever Castle happens to be her favourite Castle due to Hever being the childhood home to her favourite historical queen, Anne Boleyn!

It took Deanna 6 days to complete. She gathered cardboard from friends and relatives and used a whole array of stationary including PVA glue, paintbrushes, paint, pens, tape, scissors, cocktail sticks, pencils and a ruler. The attention detail is superb and everything from the flag to the drawbridge is spot on. The moat is even the perfect colour.

We absolutely love it – thank you Deanna.

P.S make sure you show this post to your teacher, you may get an extra few marks!