Spotlight on the Castle: The Entrance Hall

The Entrance Hall at Hever Castle
March 18 2020 | Castle History

Entrance Hall

The Entrance Hall at Hever Castle was added to the Tudor manor house in 1506 by Thomas Bullen. Timbers dating from the late 15th century can be seen in the earlier doorway, which is directly opposite the current entrance.

Interesting furniture housed here includes an oak bench table (c. 1610) which would have been used by monks in their tiny cells, as well as the magnificent choir stall (c. 1480) which is Italian and made from walnut. There is also a caquetoire, or conversation chair, dating from the 16th century. The seat was made broad enough to accommodate wide dresses so that the ladies could chat in comfort.

The long refectory table (c. 1565) is Italian, and the two large vases standing on it are Japanese Imari porcelain from about 1780. The collection of dishes and plates date from 1650 to 1800.

The large leather and iron jackboots towards the end of the Entrance Hall are postilion’s boots and date from about 1690. Find out more about the postilion’s boots.

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