Tudor Panelling – Tudor Tuesdays

April 28 2020 | Castle History


For today’s #TudorTuesdays we are heading into the Long Gallery where the oldest panelling at Hever Castle is found and is almost certainly from the late Tudor era.

Thanks to Castle Supervisor Dr Owen Emmerson for showing us around!

The Long Gallery extends across the entire width of the Castle. It was used for entertaining guests, taking exercise, and displaying art collections. The panelling dates from the sixteenth century. The ceiling is an early twentieth-century reconstruction in the Tudor style created by Nathaniel Hitch.

Through 18 original portraits hung in dynastic order the story of the Tudors is told through the art collection in a permanent exhibition in the Long Gallery guest curated by Dr David Starkey. The story starts with Henry VI and ends with Henry VIII, depicting the saga from the Wars of the Roses to the Reformation.

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The Long Gallery at Hever Castle

Discover more about the portraits in the Long Gallery in a booklet sold in the Online Shop for £1.