Discover the history of Hever Castle, its owners and inhabitants as you travel through time from its construction in 1383 to the present day. These easy-to-use timelines enable you to learn more about key events and how the past owners have shaped the estate we see today.

Hever Castle Timeline

Spanning more than 600 years, the history of Hever Castle is rich and varied.  See how Hever Castle developed over time from the first motte and bailey castle in the 14th century, then how it fell into decline until the 20th century when William Waldorf Astor embarked on restoring the Castle.

Anne Boleyn Timeline

Learn about key events in the short life of Anne Boleyn; from her childhood, how she was banished to Hever Castle, through to her marriage to King Henry VIII and her untimely death in 1536.

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An Evening with Lord Astor


Uncover more about the twelve different families that have owned Hever Castle from 1383 to the present day.


Head inside the Castle and discover wood panelled rooms, roaring fireplaces and a vast collection of paintings.

Anne Boleyn

Hever Castle was the childhood home of Anne Boleyn and her siblings, Mary and George. Learn more about Anne here.