Tours & Trails

Information boards in all rooms of the Castle provide an insight into the way each room was used and its contents. For those that are looking to bring 700 years of Hever Castle history to life, interactive audio guides are included with Castle entry. We also recommend one of the following: a private guided tour or a guide book which can be purchased from the Ticket Office, Information Centre or the Castle when you visit. Enjoyable trails to follow with young visitors to the Castle can also be downloaded and will spark imagination and encourage discussion.

Hidden Hever Tour

Hever Castle is opening some of the doors not usually open to the public as part of a new tour. Experience the Castle like never before as you make your way through various hidden rooms whilst learning about the social history. This tour is suitable for groups of up to 15 people.

• You will get to see William Waldorf Astor’s study (with its secret panel), the boys bedrooms created by William Waldorf Astor, Lord Astor’s bathroom which is accessed via a secret panel and Lady Irene Astor’s pink bathroom

• You will be treated to stories and anecdotes relating to the rooms visited 

• The tour, which is for adults only as it is more in depth, is an hour and a half starting at 10am

• Groups of 4 people or less can only book 4 weeks ahead

Castle Interactive Audio Guide

Interactive audio guides are now included with Castle entry.

Be guided through the rooms of the Castle with a lively insight into how life might have been in Tudor times when Henry VIII came courting Anne Boleyn at her family home. Discover more about the fine collection of portraits, paintings, tapestries and artefacts and learn how William Waldorf Astor, the American millionaire, restored the castle to how it is today. Innovative rub-away photos allow you to see the castle pre-restoration.

• Interactive audio guides are available in English, French, German, Dutch, Russian and Chinese

• A children’s interactive audio guide in English is also available

• The interactive audio guide lasts approximately 45 minutes

• Tickets for interactive audio guides can be purchased from the Ticket Office, Information Centre or the Castle

• We recommend that interactive audio guides for groups are booked in advance


Castle Private Guided Tour

Take a tour of the castle with an experienced and highly knowledgeable Castle Guide. Learn about the castle’s rich and varied 700 year history and how it is conserved today. Discover all about those that have owned, lived and worked at the castle. Enjoy detailed facts about the splendid panelled rooms, their fine furniture, tapestries, antiques and an important collection of Tudor paintings.

• Private Guided Tours of the Castle are conducted outside of normal opening hours, commencing at 10am and 10.30am

• Private Guided Tours of the Castle must be pre-booked

• Tours can only be given in English

• Tours last approximately 1 hour

Castle Tudor History Trail

Before your visit, download an enjoyable and informative trail to follow with young visitors whilst exploring the Castle. The trail is intended to spark imagination and to encourage discussion. There are no right or wrong answers. The Castle contains some small and narrow areas that can sometimes become quite busy, therefore you may find it easier to discuss the rooms as you visit. If you require further information or assistance, our friendly team of Visitor Experience Assistants will be happy to help you.

• We recommend allowing 1 hour for your Castle visit

• Visitors require a Castle entry ticket to complete the trail