The Studio

The Studio

The Studio at the Health & Wellbeing Centre

The Studio hosts an array of exercise classes from Pilates to Gong Baths. It is also the ideal location to listen to inspirational talks and undertake essential training for practitioners.



9:30am – 10:15am

Paracise™ with Sharon

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5pm – 6pm

Pilates with Jenny

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6pm – 7pm

(last Tuesday of every month)

Gong Bath with Sue

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9am – 10am

Pilates with Jenny

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10:15am – 11:15am

Pilates with Jenny

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9am – 10am

Pilates with Jenny

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10:15am – 11:15am

Pilates with Jenny

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9:30am – 10:30am

Yoga with Katie

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Top Stories

The Studio

Sharon Millar, Paracise

Sharon Millar has been an exercise to music instructor for over 20 years and is thrilled to be able to introduce Paracise™ to Hever Castle Health & Wellbeing.

Lack of fitness, age, injury, physical and mental illness can affect our wellbeing but staying fit and positive can help us ease those symptoms. Paracise™ is a gentle but effective exercise to music class focusing on improving posture, balance, flexibility and mobility.

All classes are 45 minutes of standing exercise (no floor work) to fabulous music. Come along to appreciate what your body can do and how small changes can make big improvements to your daily life. New clients get their first class free!

£6 – Drop-in class

£50 – Block of 10 classes at £5 per class (payable in advance)

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Sue Greenwood, Gong Bath

Sound therapy is a gentle, non-invasive treatment that has been shown to encourage an overall improvement in health and wellbeing. The body is ‘bathed in sound’ to nourish the whole system and induce a sustained, deep state of meditative relaxation. The gongs, when expertly and sensitively played, provide a range of sounds that help to restore balance and harmony in the body and work on all aspects of being – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Sue’s Gong Bath will take place on the last Tuesday of every month from 6pm – 7pm.

£15 per session.

Previous participants have reported:

  • A reduction in stress and anxiety
  • A sense of wellbeing and positive mood
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Peace and tranquility 
  • An increase in creative and reflective thinking

Email to book or call 07803 015578.

Find out more about Sue on her website.

Jennifer Russell, Pilates

Jenny qualified as a physiotherapist in 1978 and has worked in the field of rehabilitation since then. 

Jenny’s Classes are suitable for anyone interested in becoming more familiar with their whole body and mind, a mix of movement, stretching, concentration and breath.

£120 – Block of 10 classes at £12 per class (payable in advance)

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Katie Brown, Yoga

Katie teaches Hatha Yoga. Her classes centre around Vinyasa Flow, a dynamic practise that improves flexibility, strength, posture and balance. Her classes are nurturing and start with a short breathing exercise (Pranayama) to calm the nervous system and prepare the body for the physical practice. With a focus on alignment and synchronising breath with movement, the sequence of postures can be as challenging as you wish. Katie has a passion for music which she uses to guide clients through each class.

£12 – Drop-in class

£50 – Block of 5 at £10 per class

New Clients first taster session £5

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Michaela Mackevitt, Bellydancing

Michaela has been Bellydancing for almost 14 years, she attended her first Bellydance class in 2006 and hasn’t looked back. Over the years she has completed workshops with some of the worlds top teachers and performers. Her passion and enthusiasm for Bellydance progressed to completing her teacher training in 2017 and running her own classes. She also performs with other dancers at fundraising events and for organised groups.

Classes are held in the studio on Wednesdays from 9 September 2020 at 6pm, £10 per person.

Contact Michaela for more information and to book your class on

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David & Sandra, Ballroom & Latin Dancing

David and Sandra began dancing at a young age, David in 1974 and Sanda in 1968. They turned professional in the late nineties. They were 5th in the UK professional championships. They both taught on cruise ships and seen quite a lot of the world including America, Latin America and the Caribbean.

David and Sandra are holding beginners classes on Thursdays 7pm – 8pm.

For more information and to book, please contact David at

Classes are £15 per person.

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