Bat boxes for Hever Castle Golf & Wellbeing following grant

December 07 2023 | Golf

Greenkeepers at Hever Castle Golf & Wellbeing have been installing 16 more bat boxes following a grant from an American charity.

Head Greenkeeper Rob Peers has been undertaking a host of environmental initiatives including putting in bat boxes throughout the course.

These projects saw the club win in the Sustainable Project of the Year category at the national Golf Environment Awards 2023.

The Fairways Foundation, which funds local and global conservation projects, has given $3,000 for bat boxes as part of 12 successful grant applications this year.

The wooden boxes were cut out, put together and stained by the greenkeeping team before being installed at `bat point’.

Seven boxes were put in the grounds of the golf club in early 2023 and a further nine were added in autumn 2023.

Matt Foster, CEO and president of Aquatrols and president of The FairWays Foundation, said, “We understand making a difference locally takes tremendous grit from a local champion. It might be a greenkeeper or parks manager. Regardless, without their will, these projects would never move forward. Our message to those individuals out there with a wish for a healthier environment is The Fairways Foundation can help with the way to get there.”

Rob said: “The grant allowed the club to buy the raw materials for the bat box construction from both smaller local businesses, and some of the other materials from larger but still local retailers to the community. The project also gave us the opportunity to “upcycle” and “recycle” some materials and components left lying around or left over from other projects that may have not been much use for anything else.

“We have provided a new habitat for hopefully generations of bats to come.”