Conker collecting

conker collecting
October 04 2019 | Garden

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We’re well into Autumn and it’s not only leaves that are descending from the trees. Across the grounds at Hever Castle, Horse chestnut trees are dropping their precious little (and some rather large) conkers, providing a beautiful display, and the potential for hours of fun. So come along, and get conker collecting!

The conker is the fruit of the Horse chestnut tree, they originate from Albania and Greece, and were introduced into the UK in the late 16th century. The act of playing a game of conkers didn’t come until much later though. It actually evolved from a game called ‘conquerors’, which was played with snail shells, it was only by the 20th century that conkers were universally used. 

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Bring the children along for a fun day, walking through the grounds conker collecting, whilst taking in the breathtaking views. Here’s a tip: the walk through to the Water Maze is a very good place to start!

Dog walkers beware: conkers are poisonous to dogs, so please be extra vigilant when walking where conkers lay. 

Also make sure you join us for Autumn Colour throughout October.


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Leaf & Seed Collection Challenge
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