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If you are planning to visit Hever Castle for the daffodils we want you to know what has bloomed and what has not. We will continue to update this page with photographs so you can decide when you would like to visit the daffodils.

Before booking, we advise that you read the Know Before you Go information that provides full details of what will be open and closed. 

We also recommend that you download a copy of the Map that includes the current one way system that is in place and the locations of the daffodil sites that are set to bloom throughout the season.

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Photographed on 14/04/2021:

The majority of daffodils have passed their best now, but if you look closely you’ll still spot some beautiful daffodils in bloom. The photos below were photographed near the Golden Stairs, near the Italian Garden and the Bandstand area. 

Photographed on 07/04/2021:

Some of the daffodils have passed their best now, but there is still a sea of yellow to be discovered. If you head towards the Golden Stairs you will discover swathes of daffodils in a variety of colours. There are still golden daffodils in the Sunken Garden, Park Wood, Fern Bank area and by the outer moat. Now when you visit you will also discover the first tulips and blossom. Spring has most definitely sprung!


Photographed on 24/03/2021:

If you enter via top gate you will see hundreds of daffodils on your left swaying in the wind. Likewise, if you enter via the Lakeview car park you will see a beautiful display of daffodils by the Lake.

Hundreds more daffodils have bloomed in Anne Boleyn’s orchard, but the peak is still likely to be next week. There is also a wonderful display of daffodils by the outer moat and playground, as well towards the bandstand. Daffodils are continuing to bloom in Park Wood but their peak will also most likely be next week.

Photographed on 16/03/2021:

As you walk through the gardens you will notice thousands of daffodils blooming along the banks, near the moat, around the Lake and by the Hever Shop. The daffodils in Anne Boleyn’s orchard are starting to emerge, but they are likely to peak next week. 

Park Wood is also open, offering an additional 25 acres of outside space. Ancient daffodils were discovered just two years ago in this woodland area and confirmed by daffodil expert Johnny Walkers to be N. Telemonius Plenus.

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