Meet the Wellbeing Team: Jenny Russell

April 05 2024 | Wellbeing

Hever Castle Golf & Wellbeing is pleased to introduce Jenny Russell, a highly qualified physiotherapist and Pilates reformer instructor. Jenny brings a wealth of experience and a passion for helping people move with ease and joy.

Jenny’s physiotherapy career began in 1978, and she has dedicated herself to the field of rehabilitation ever since. In her quest to provide the most effective treatments for her patients, Jenny has continuously expanded her skillset. This dedication to ongoing learning is evident in her impressive list of qualifications:

At Hever Health, Jenny utilizes her expertise to teach equipment-based Pilates classes. She incorporates reformers, towers, and chairs to create targeted workouts that can be adapted to individual needs. The equipment allows for a range of movement possibilities, from gentle rehabilitation exercises to more challenging routines that build strength and coordination.

A typical session with Jenny lasts 1 hour and cost £70 per session. The session will start with Jenny inviting you to present any problems you have, followed by a discussion of treatment and the chance to identify specific parts that you would like to work on. Her clients needs vary with some needing a session once a week, whilst others opt for once-a-month treatments.

Jenny says: “Even if you have not identified any issues within your posture & alignment, Pilates reformation will highlight how you move. This act of bringing awareness to yourself provides closer inspection – this is when my clients will start to identify issues“.

Jenny’s ultimate goal is to empower her clients to find enjoyment in movement. Whether you’re seeking to improve your physical function after an injury or simply want to move with more ease and confidence, Jenny’s expertise and passion can help you achieve your goals.

Please contact Jenny directly for more information or to book a class via [email protected]