Garden Conservation at Hever Castle

July 11 2023 | Garden

Hever Castle’s curatorial team work closely with garden conservation specialists to ensure the precious collections in the 150 acres of grounds are preserved for future generations.

The statues in the Italian Garden are assessed every year to see if they need any repairs or restoration. Hever Castle works with Cliveden Conservation who carry out the works needed. Winter covers are placed over the statues and sculptures annually to protect them during harsh weather.

In 2022 the18th century urns on the Loggia were restored after the part of the socle (or plinth) had become damaged. You can read more about this conservation work here.

Restoration work has taken place on the terrace of the Loggia in the Italian Garden since 2018 as part of ongoing work.

The stone structure with its imposing columns was built on a river plain and over the years it has suffered from subsidence and tree roots and weeds getting into the walls. The works will see all the paving stones on the surface removed and each individual stone catalogued to ensure they are put back in the same place. Any cracked paving will be repaired or replaced and reinforced concrete will be laid before the stones are re-laid. The balustrades, wall and steps down into the lake will also be replaced in that section as part of the works by Sussex-based Brickstone and Flint. You can read more about this garden conservation work here.

It is part of ongoing maintenance in the Italian Garden which have included restoration work on other parts of the Loggia in 2017 as well as relaying the areas of stone around Half Moon Pond and relaying paving on Pergola Walk.

The Golden Gates at the entrance to the Italian Gardens at Hever Castle underwent vital conservation work with Hall Conservation in 2022 to repair and restore them, with 5 layers of gold paint applied to achieve the final finish. Discover more about these extensive repairs and garden conservation here.

In 2020 Hall Conversation also cleaned, repaired and re-gilded a bronze statue nicknamed Morgante in the Sunken Garden at Hever Castle after it became submerged in the water.