Hever Castle Tulips Emerging for National Gardening Week

Tulip - Hever Castle
April 17 2015 | Garden What's on

As we celebrate National Gardening Week, the first of 7000 stunning tulips are bursting into life across the Hever Castle gardens. With their elegance and depth of colour, tulips are a firm favourite of English gardeners and provide a truly beautiful display.

Tulips at Hever Castle

Often used to create formal, orderly displays, tulips can also add vibrancy to more eclectic garden beds. You can find both of these planting styles at Hever Castle, with the beds along the Pompeiian Wall of the Italian Garden showcasing formal tulip planting. If you walk toward the Pergola Walk there are more informal displays, which will begin sprouting within weeks. The latter is added to every year with the bulbs that are dug up from the formal tulip beds.

You can see the early tulips during National Gardening Week near the castle, and on the Pompeiian Wall side of the Italian Garden.

Tulips at Hever Castle

Head Gardener’s Tips for Top Tulips:

Tulips at Hever Castle

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