Plant a Sunflower for National Gardening Week

National Gardening Week - Plant a Sunflower
April 15 2015 | Garden What's on

Hever Castle is running drop-in ‘Plant a Sunflower’ workshops weekdays during National Gardening Week. From Monday 13th – Friday 19th April, 11am – 3pm, you can take part in these free sessions hosted by our gardening team outside the Courtyard Shop.

National Gardening Week - Plant a Sunflower

Sunflowers have many interesting uses, such as for producing bio-diesel and cooking oil, but arguably the best use of a sunflower is to brighten up your garden during the sunnier months of the year.

Top Tips on Growing a Sunflower

  1. Add a layer of drainage material such as gravel or small pieces of polystyrene.
  2. Then fill the pot up with compost to a level about 2.5cm from the top.
  3. Plant one seed per pot about 2.5cm deep pushing down with your finger.
  4. Water the pot well and then water once a week making sure that the compost is kept moist until the seeds sprout.
  5. You should see the seeds emerging from the soil in about 3- 18 days.
  6. When the sunflower is 30cm tall, double the amount of water they have been receiving.
  7. Keep in a well-lit place; a kitchen windowsill is fine.
  8. Plant out in the garden in a sunny position when the weather gets warmer and there are no further frosts – normally this is by the end of May.

National Gardening Week - Plant a Sunflower

Find out more about National Gardening Week at Hever Castle and check out our Head Gardener’s top tips for what to do in the garden at this time of the year.