Pokémon Go hits Hever Castle

Pokémon go at hever castle
August 19 2016 | Castle Garden What's on

Catch them all! Pokémon Go at Hever Castle

If you’re not sure whether Hever is the right place to take your teenagers this summer holiday, don’t fear, Pokémon Go is here!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Pokémon Go; the augmented reality game that allows you to catch Pokémon. Using GPS and the smartphone’s camera, the game uses geo-tagging to allow you to catch species of Pokémon. To catch the Pokémon you must throw a Poké Ball at the Pokémon, aiming can be difficult when the Pokémon is jumping about in virtual reality, so Hever is jam-packed with PokéStops to replenish your Poké Ball supply.

With several PokéStops and 2 gyms, there’s more than enough going on to exercise your child’s mind!

Pokémon go at Hever Castle

From PokéStops in the Rose Garden to the Water Maze, you can soak up the splendour of the gardens and the kids can keep themselves entertained in a quest to catch them all!

After a few hours of vital research, we can reveal the best places to spot Pokémon at Hever Castle are:

Hint: a rare water Pokémon can be spotted around the Lake!

Pokémon go Top tips for parents

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