Scratched portrait of King James I

James I
July 19 2019 | Castle

You can normally find the portrait of King James I (VI of Scotland) in the Staircase Gallery at Hever Castle. However, recently we noticed that his beard had been scratched and it had to be taken down and restored. Due to a visitor damaging the portrait it was taken off display for almost a week. However, we are happy to say that although he’s been on quite the journey, James I is back in his usual spot and is looking as good as new thanks to Francis Downing

Here is what James I has been up to this week:

Once James I had been removed from the Castle Staircase Gallery we made sure that Teddy Henry of Hever was there straight away to comfort him whilst we called in the experts. James I did complain that his new view wasn’t as interesting!

Then Francis Downing came and saved the day. After assessing the portrait, he realised that it was just the varnish that had been damaged. Luckily the paint had not been scratched so he was able to use a synthetic varnish in a slightly stronger solvent mixture to restore the portrait. When applied with a fine brush it causes the previous varnish to soften at the edges and and the new varnish blends in.

Here is the portrait of James I ready to be placed back in the Staircase Gallery. Thank you, Francis!