Throwback Thursday: The Nymph’s Fountain

Throwback Thursday
January 17 2019 | Garden History

Throwback Thursday

This Throwback Thursday photograph dates to the beginning of the 20th century and shows the workmen who helped create the Nymph’s Fountain, with the cherubs and female figures in the background, at William Silver Frith’s studio. These figures are now in place on the fountain at the Loggia overlooking the lake at Hever Castle.

The Pentelic marble was quarried near Athens. The crystals of this marble are somewhat larger than those in the white marble quarried from Carrara near Florence which was used by Michael Angelo in many of his greatest work. Pentelic marble therefore gives a less smooth surface than Carrara marble.

Examples of Frith’s work can also be seen inside the Castle as well as the front of the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Edward VII fountain in Whitechapel and at the Victoria Law Courts.

Nymph's Fountain

The completed Nymph’s Fountain today.

You can read more about Hever Castle’s history in the archives.