Top Tips For Stunning Camellias


Camellias at Hever Castle 1

Follow our head gardener Neil Miller’s advice for looking after your Camellias and you should have lovely blooming bushes for many years to come.

Tips for camellias:

  • Camellias thrive in light shade and require acid soil if your soil isn’t acid then consider growing in a pot with ericaceous compost.
  • As Camellias form flower buds in late summer and autumn, pruning should be undertaken in spring immediately after flowering.
  • Water Camellias in dry spells in late summer when flower buds are forming.
  • Feed Camellias with acidic fertilizers but do not feed later than the end of July as excessive or late feeding can lead to bud drop.
  • A good layer of mulch in late winter/early spring will keep the roots nice and moist.

Repeat these tips each year for gorgeous Camellias.


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