Hever Rose

Hever Castle & Gardens, has its own Hever Rose which was launched by Dame Judi Dench, the award-winning British actress in 2011.

Bred by the highly regarded rose hybridiser, the late Colin Horner, the floribunda ‘Hever Castle Rose’ (Horquinsey) produces masses of velvety deep-red blooms which fade to cerise, offset by golden-yellow stamens. Growing to a height of 4-5ft, the blooms are complemented by attractive, glossy dark-green foliage. The Hever Castle Rose has a long flowering period from May to the first frosts in October and has proved itself resistant to disease in rose trials.

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The Gardens


The beautiful gardens at Hever Castle were laid out between 1904 and 1908 by Joseph Cheal and Son, turning marshland into the spectacular garden that you see today. Over 1,000 men worked on the grand design that was the brainchild of William Waldorf Astor. One of the most magnificent areas of the gardens is the Italian Garden, which was designed to display his collection of Greek and Roman sculpture.

Nature & Wildlife

Hever Castle & Gardens is home to a vast variety of small mammals, birds, water fowl, fish, amphibians and insects. The cygnets and ducklings are hugely popular and many visitors return throughout the season to see the young develop. A peaceful walk around the lake is the perfect place to spot owls, blue tits, robins and woodpeckers and kingfishers. Swans, ducks, herons and crested grebes can also be seen on the moat or the lake.


With 5,000 rose bushes in the Rose Garden and more than 100,000 spring bulbs and 15,000 bedding plants planted in the gardens annually, you are guaranteed a breath-taking display no matter what time of year you visit.lbs and red leaf Japanese maple trees.

Tours & Trails

Take a tour of the gardens with one of the Hever Castle gardening team. Learn about the history of the gardens and discover more about the work that goes on today to conserve, restore and improve the grounds. Enjoyable trails to follow with young visitors can also be downloaded.