Tours & Trails

Enjoyable trails to follow with young visitors can be downloaded to spark imagination and encourage discussion about the gardens at Hever.

Enjoy our garden tours with a member of the Hever Castle gardening team to learn about the history of the gardens and discover more about the work that goes on today to conserve, restore and improve the gardens.

Garden Private Guided Tour

Take a tour of the gardens with one of the Hever Castle gardening team. Learn about the beautiful gardens that were laid out between 1904 and 1908 by Joseph Cheal & Son and designed to display William Waldorf Astor’s magnificent collections of classical Italian statuary. Discover more about the work that goes on today to conserve, restore and improve the gardens. Your tour guide will be happy to answer any questions you have about the gardens and the flora and fauna within them. Then at your own pace explore the restaurants, shops and a host of attractions for all ages.

• This tour is only available in English

• This tour lasts approximately 1 hour

• Garden Tours must be booked in advance

Maths trails (KS1 and KS2)

Take a walk around the grounds whilst looking at patterns and sequences, shapes and symmetry, estimating and counting.  Enjoy drawing your favourite patterns!


Geography trail (KS2)

Follow the geography trail around the grounds to answer questions about the landscape, environment, and weather.  Have a go at sketching and labelling your own maps.

Roman trail

The Italian Gardens house a wonderful collection of classical statuary purchased by William Waldorf Astor when he was American minister in Rome.  Learn about Roman gods and society and have fun with some drawing activities!

Lake Walk Nature Trail

See bird boxes that are home to many varieties of birds, and look out for kingfishers, swans, herons and crested grebes on the lake.  Find out about the weir and pillboxes and learn about the history of our man-made lake.